A relationship crisis: still often a taboo subject

A relationship crisis: still often a taboo subject

That the atmosphere occasionally fluctuates in your relationship, we know that fact. Our king once nicely named it as autumnal period. Sometimes it is sunny and exciting, sometimes a bit changeable. But when the two of us can no longer work out together, we like to keep it to ourselves and actually naming relationship crisis, we often do not.

It’s not that crazy. We live in a time when being successful in all areas of life is a great virtue. So maybe that not naming happens out of a sense of considerable failure.

Yet in doing so, we do ourselves wrong. That things don’t go as well for a longer period of time and that you may even feel distance is okay and not strange. It is part of our natural rhythm of life; we experience good times and also bad times. It is up to all of us to process this and find ways to move forward again more powerfully.

A clear signal

A relationship crisis is sad but at the same time it can be a bright sign. Author Jan Geurtz calls it in his book
“About Love and Letting Go.
even an opportunity. A sign to take action and a signal to you together that it is time to recognize each other’s needs. And yes, it takes time to resolve a crisis, to work on it together. A relationship problem that has been simmering for a while is not easily resolved. That, too, is normal. Are you and your partner taking the step to
relationship therapy
, then we explore this feeling of failure and try to normalize it together. During the sessions, you will learn to engage in conversation and review relationship patterns. Perhaps you will dare to scrutinize the patterns that are now holding you back. Brave is that.[nectar_global_section id=”19262″]