I would like to empower you, Together we'll work to restore and deepen your connection.

Angela Andriesse, relationship therapist Haarlem

Praktijk de Liefde Haarlem

Angela Andriesse, relationship therapist Haarlem

One of the fundamental human needs is to experience a special (love) relationship, in which one feels completely accepted, deeply connected and loved unconditionally. As a relationship and family therapist, I use my passion to restore connections and… create healthy relationships. My belief is that we as social beings cannot flourish without deep connections with others. In my therapy I explore the road to recovery with you. I am curious about your desired relationship, about the deepest needs and desires that you cherish. Together we will look at how you can deal with the differences that life brings. What patterns have become ingrained and how can we break them? How can we improve communication between you? I understand that you have to make yourself vulnerable to really understand the other person. As a therapist, I think it is essential that every session offers a safe space in which you can be yourself. My approach is based on openness, warmth, positivity and a non-judgmental attitude. I want to empower you, initiate an awareness process that revolves around finding and activating your own strength.


My background in pedagogy and my master’s degree in Youth, Family & Context have deepened my understanding of relationships. Before I became a relationship and family therapist, I worked for years in youth care. There I supported families, couples and individuals in creating improved interaction patterns, allowing healthy relationships to develop.

Together we work to restore and deepen your connection. I watch Looking forward to meeting you and walking a path to growth and happiness together

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