Couples Therapy Amsterdam: effective and systemic

Our therapists will guide you, step-by-step, to a better place.

Are your fights getting worse and your conversations getting stuck in negative patterns? Do you long for the intimacy that once was? Are you unsure whether it makes sense to continue? Do you want to be together but just don’t know how?

Couples therapy guides you as you examine old patterns, work on developing mutual understanding and restore intimacy and sexuality. This means your connection can flourish again, this time with space for independence and growth.

Effective couples therapy: the systemic approach

At Praktijk de Liefde, we are experts in concrete and effective relationship therapy, based on the principles of systemic therapy. With this approach, we look at the whole system: all the people who are or were important to you, including your partner, friends, family, colleagues and maybe even people who are no longer there. During therapy, we investigate the influence of your own unique system on certain behavioural patterns, particularly repeating patterns.

Systemic therapy is an evidence-based method and research shows that it works. We listen carefully to what you need, then we provide the guidance that suits you best, completely tailored to your situation.

The purpose of couples therapy

The goal is for you to re-enter a dialogue with each other and explore what the relationship needs. Maintaining the relationship at all costs is not the primary objective. Couples therapy is about strengthening your relationship, either as partners or with separate lives. If you do choose to go on without each other, it is important to end your time together properly. This is particularly true for couples with children and is something we pay special attention to during our guidance.

How does couples therapy work?

Therapy works best when you feel comfortable with your therapist. That’s why we always do an initial session to make sure you click. After all, to be able to speak freely, it’s important that everyone feels safe and relaxed. There’s no judgement here: nothing is weird, crazy or stupid – everyone is different and there are all kinds of ways to heal our relationships and ourselves.

Following a successful initial session, we focus on:

1. what you are requesting help for;
2. the existing relationship patterns;
3. what you want to change;
4. your goals.


After the initial session, we will evaluate and then decide whether or not you would like to continue the therapy. In our experience, even just four to eight sessions are enough to bring about structural improvement of a relationship. Sessions can be scheduled either during the day or in the evening and last 75 minutes.


If you have some questions or would like to schedule an initial session, contact us via our website or call us directly on 020-2101407.

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