Systemic relationship therapy Amsterdam

Our scientific approach has helped many people restore their connection and/or make an informed decision to end their relationship. 4 to 8 sessions is enough to bring about lasting improvement in the relationship.

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Are your fights getting worse and your conversations getting stuck in negative patterns? Do you long for the intimacy that once was? Are you unsure whether it makes sense to continue? Do you want to be together but just don’t know how?

Our approach is concrete, personal and effective.


Break patterns

Couples therapy helps you break free from negative patterns.

Develop more understanding

Identify how issues arise and cultivate mutual understanding.

Improve intimacy

Re-connect, both physically and emotionally.

The purpose of therapy?

The goal is for you to re-enter a dialogue with each other and explore what the relationship needs. Maintaining the relationship at all costs is not the primary objective.

Couples therapy is about strengthening your relationship, either as partners or with separate lives. If you do choose to go on without each other, it is important to end your time together properly.

How does it work?

Couples therapy guides you as you examine old patterns, work on developing mutual understanding and restore intimacy and sexuality.

Systemic therapy is an evidence-based method and research shows that it works. We listen carefully to what you need, then we provide the guidance that suits you best, completely tailored to your situation.

Relationship therapy works best when you feel comfortable with your therapist. That’s why we always do an initial session to make sure you click.

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Joey Steur, founder and relationship therapist

Praktijk de Liefde, relationship therapy Amsterdam & other  cities, was founded by Joey Steur

Couples therapy starts by understanding what the core of your relationship is and how you can get there together. We explore your relationship deeply in order to clarify where help is required and what patterns are at play. We create space for mutual understanding so that we can restore your connection, step-by-step. During therapy, I am focused on understanding who you are, what you need and how you can move forward together.

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What our clients say about couples therapy:

We had gotten stuck in our marriage and didn't understand each other at all. Our therapist was able to help us reconnect. Every session, she helped us come back to the core of our relationship so we could continue towards it together.

The sessions taught us to express our feelings and listen to each other. We have grown closer as a family.

Couples therapy has given us the tools to understand ourselves and each other. We have learned to communicate on a different level.

In just a few sessions, we have learned so much to help us to be happy together for years to come. Recommended!

This has helped us so much. Through the calm, natural and loving approach of our therapist, we have gained insight into ourselves, our patterns and our relationship.

Praktijk de Liefde specializes in concrete & effective relationship therapy based on systemic therapy.

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