Without judgment I am open to the struggle that wants to be clarified.

Ilse Sleutel, relationship therapist Utrecht

Praktijk de Liefde Utrecht

Ilse Sleutel, relationship therapist Utrecht

Couples therapy is a way to reconnect with each other. It can be a recurring investment to deepen your relationship, but it can also be simply necessary. For example, because you have become entangled in patterns, as a result of which you experience love less or no longer. All relationships are built from patterns of approach and distancing. If you no longer find each other in contact, it evokes all kinds of feelings. Because you have a more intimate connection as romantic partners, mutual reactions are often stronger. And once you get stuck, it is more difficult to catch your breath and face each other again with an open mind. If we can recognize the patterns, there will be room for underlying feelings. Instead of the words that cause removal. Together we look at the other sides of your stories, about yourself and about each other. When you experience that you are seen in your intentions or vulnerability, there is often room for relaxation, humor and creativity. As a therapist I am feeling, listening and investigating. Without judgment I am open to the struggle that wants to be clarified


In addition to Praktijk de Liefde, I work as a system therapist in specialist mental health care with young people and their families, and as a psychodrama therapist with young people. At the time, I completed the intensive System Therapy course at the Lorentzhuis in Haarlem, with a specialization in Relationships and Couples. I am registered with the NVRG.

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