Our approach

At Praktijk de Liefde, we take a systemic approach to relationship therapy. This means we think of a relationship as made up of interdependent parts. It’s a scientifically-proven method which involves zooming in on the patterns in relationships and their connection with the system as a whole. Specifically, this means looking at the roles of people who are or once were of significance to you.

The goal? Moving on in an intentional way, together or separately.

What makes us different from other practices?

Everything we do is about strengthening relationships: romantic relationships, business relationships, family relationships – but also the relationship with yourself. Our mission is reflected in the backgrounds and training of our therapists; they all share the same vision and follow the same treatment method and together they form a strong, highly capable team.

We pride ourselves on providing concrete guidance that is warm and personal. We learn from each other and from our clients, following in the footsteps of relationship therapist Esther Perel, renowned worldwide for her systemic approach to couples therapy.

At Praktijk de Liefde, we are focused on and dedicated to our specialized approach and treatment style and that is precisely what makes our work so beneficial for the couples and singles who come to us for help.