Podcast: The empty nest, a new chapter in your relationship! Letters from Joey #Practicing Love


Dear Parents,

The moment your children fly out and leave home marks a major milestone in your lives as parents. This phase, often described as the “empty nest” syndrome, the sense of loss and emptiness can be profound. This period comes with challenges, but also offers opportunities for growth, greater connection and rediscoveries within the relationship.

Your role as parents is filled differently and the silence in the home can be felt as confronting; you are certainly not the only ones with this feeling. It is essential to support each other, communicate well and allow space for everyone’s own emotions. Allow yourself space for this grieving process as well, to bring closure to the loss of this period of parenthood at your own pace.

In addition, try to see the new opportunities this development offers, this is a time for rediscovery, deepening and renewal – both of yourself and each other. After all, your relationship is taking on a new shape and direction. It is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished together and to dream about new goals and adventures. Where do you want to go together? What are your individual and joint desires, passions and activities now that you have more time for each other?

In this podcast episode, we discuss this dynamic and everything involved in empty nest syndrome in detail. Our goal is to help you not only get through this period, but come out of it stronger.

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