Sexologist Bonne van Rees in the Volkskrant on the female orgasm

Straight women still get far fewer orgasms than men. How do we solve this orgasm gap? The answer begins at the clitoris. And no, so that’s not a little button.

How can we close that orgasmic gap?

Part of the answer lies in other figures: 1) the difference between lesbian and heterosexual women, and 2) the difference between women having sex with a man and women having sex with themselves. From masturbation, 83 percent of Dutch women cum, according to a 2016 study, suggesting that the bulk of straight women would do well to cum a little more often even in company.

Psychologist and sexologist Bonne van Rees (30) studied why it is that lesbian women cum more often than straight women. Van Rees: “It seemed logical to me that it was because they engage in more clitoral stimulation, but the connection had not yet been investigated. And yes: there was that connection. Van Rees also points out that lesbian couples, on average, have sex longer than heterosexuals: “If you have sex longer, the clitoral complex has more time to swell and that promotes orgasm. Because it’s just like with a man really: when the clitoris is well supplied with blood – like the penis becomes well supplied for an erection – the likelihood of orgasm is greatest.

The penis is allowed a break from time to time, Van Rees also says: “A surprise in the study was that lesbian women ejaculated more often by finger penetration than heterosexual women by penis penetration. So fingers actually work better than penises. That may also be true because the finger can curve and stimulate the clitoris from the inside.’ That brings us to the so-called G-spot, which according to Laan and Van Lunsen does not exist, or at least: not as a separate organ. What it does refer to is a spot at the back of the clitoris, which you can excellently control inside by making a “come here” motion with a finger inside the vagina. In doing so, you curl your extended index finger with the palm up toward you, which stimulates the inner part of the clitoris, which can lead to orgasm. Laan and Van Lunsen write comfortingly in Sex!: “The G-spot does not exist, but every woman has a clitoris.[nectar_btn size=”medium” button_style=”regular” button_color_2=”Extra-Color-3″ solid_text_color_override=”#000000″ icon_family=”none” url=”” text=”Read the full article”][nectar_global_section id=”19262″]